The Trump Legal Saga: Twists, Turns, and Tumbles Without the Thrill Rides

Dive into tales of legal limbo where the dance floor is the courtroom, and every step, twist, or plea holds the weight of history.

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Herein lies a collection of tales that could make Shakespeare himself say, "Well, that escalated quickly."
15 hours ago
Embark on a journey through gag orders that seem more hopeful than a child's wish list to Santa and jury selections that mimic finding a sober person at Oktoberfest.
3 days ago
If you ever thought law and order were about gavels slamming and justice served on a silver platter, think again.
4 days ago
Meanwhile, Trump's legal team confuses Brooklyn for a game board, and his diplomatic strategy for Ukraine might just involve channeling his inner six-year-old at negotiation.
5 days ago
Elon Musk proves that he's got the mind of a toddler while the rest of the world stares at an eclipse.
6 days ago