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BrokersDOTmarkets Ripple CEO lauds ‘energizing’ world regulatory progress amid SEC offensive 0
eulab Democratic Transition still lacks everywhere! 3
Vya4Slav News Business: What You Need to Know About the Federal Probe Into Binance “Binance has shown its commitment to security and compliance,” says a company spokesperson. #News - #Business #Crypto #NFT #DeFi 2
intheloop House leadership is in limbo as McCarthy loses 3 rounds of voting for speaker 0
indictube Mukesh Ambani's youngest son Anant Ambani got engaged to Radhika Merchant 2
Vya4Slav News Business: Who Will Pay Sam Bankman-Fried's $250 Million Bond? Nothing was paid up front for his release, but his parents could be left holding a very big bag if he violates court restrictions. #News - #Business #Crypto #NFT #DeFi 2
intheloop Massive winter storm brings frigid temps, snow and ice to US 3
intheloop Republican senators propose overhaul of Federal Reserve amid concerns about politics 1
intheloop How to defy an authoritarian? In Tunisia, election is a battle cry. 2
Robinhoodfx Hyperinflation Death Of A Nation 2
Vya4Slav News Policy: EU Lawmaker Kaili Suspended From Party in Corruption Scandal Eva Kaili, a Greek politician in the European Parliament, is facing accusations she’s tied to a scandal involving Qatar lobbying. #News #Business #Crypto 6
DChintan Decentralised news platform: Incentives to writer to write and Mechanism of Moderation on content. 4
ElizabethTubbs First Snowfall. I Want to Hibernate! 8
TheItinerant 11/20/22 - The Itinerant Weekly - #27 5
Vya4Slav News Tech: Cardano-Based Regulated Stablecoin USDA Will Hit the Market in Early 2023 USDA would be the first fully fiat-backed, regulatory-compliant stablecoin in the Cardano ecosystem, Emurgo said. 4
Vya4Slav News Business: The political connections of FTX and its CEO Sam Bankman Fried. How deep does the rabbit hole go? 2
dennishlewis Good News for Elon - Zirkels Twitter Integration is Here! 6
Vya4Slav News Economics: Euro-Zone Inflation Soars to New Record as Economy Fades Prices jumped by record 10.7% in October as ECB hikes rates 0
Shubhk Elon Musk Rejected FTX CEO’s $15B Offer For Twitter 2
Vya4Slav NYSE delists Twitter shares following Elon Musk acquisition 1
Shubhk Elon Musk Twitter’s new CEO? Lifetime suspension reversal on the cards 1
Krassenstein Krassensteins: How Elon Musk Could Solve Social Media 56
Shubhk Elon Musk Twitter’s new CEO? Lifetime suspension reversal on the cards 0
Patch_Crypto Chinas GDP might actually be 60% smaller then what they are reporting 6
Shubhk Elon Musk Changes Twitter Bio to ”Chief Twit”, Deal Likely to Close Soon 1
Vya4Slav Elon Musk supports Ripple (XRP) and Brad Garlinghouse – “We will be on the right side of history” 0
bkat Weekend Review 3

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