Who's Who on DeSo

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Note: Some Creators may appear in multiple categories (over-achievers!)

Active OGs
(16 entries)
The Original Gansta "A crowd" who still show up and make DeSo better than it was with every post.
(7 entries)
Creators who offer consistent long-form blog content.
Core Team
(15 entries)
People employed at DeSo.
(16 entries)
The people who code the various DeSo projects and nodes. (Check out the "Projects" section for the results of their work.
Fiction and Poetry
(4 entries)
Food and Beverages
(4 entries)
Creators who focus on food related posts.
Memes & Humour
(7 entries)
People that push fire memes regularly, plus generally humourous accounts
(3 entries)
(6 entries)
A combination of Creators who focus on their own original photography and other photo-based accounts.
Projects: NFTs
(13 entries)
Notable NFT projects on DeSo.
Projects: Nodes / DeSo content browsers
(12 entries)
Projects that run a copy of the DeSo blockchain.
Projects: Utility and Analysis
(7 entries)
Projects that bubble important DeSo info to the surface in new, novel and important ways.
(1 entries)
When you need a break from the serious stuff.